Technical Workshops

Machine Manufacturing Workshop

The machine manufacturing workshop of BTS Industries Group is responsible for designing, constructing and installing a variety of machine transfers and other equipment needed for mass production of parts. Designing and manufacturing all parts, control tools, vices, and machining tools, etc. are done in this workshop. Due to the main nature of the workshop, its continuous coordination with the forging, pressing, machining and molding workshops is of great importance. This harmonization of the mass production of complex components and new parts paves the way at maximum precision and minimum time.,

Tool Manufacturing Workshop

Considering the wide range of products manufactured by BTS and the variety of shapes and dimensions of these products, there must be various tools at the transfer workstations for machining on these parts. These tools and their holders are designed and constructed using special tooling machines. The existence of specialized tooling spaces is an integral part of a machine workshop that plays a significant role in producing a millionth quality.

Molding and support workshop

Designing and equipping specialized workshops by BTS particularly in regards to transfer machines and designing and manufacturing of required molds is entirely based on national technical capabilities and it is known as one of the most important tools to meet the needs of the fitting and valve industry.
The flexibility in the production lines and the diversification of it, along with the support and repair of machinery at time, is the result of this considerable potential.

Forging & Pressing Workshop

Different work steps such as cutting brass reinforcing bars, part preheating, part forging, arranging and removing pleats are performed in part cleaning and arrangement pressing machines in this workshop.

Machining Specialized Workshop

The machining specialized workshop is one of the most equipped units of factory. The manufactured pieces in the forging unit enter to this unit to continue manufacturing process. This workshop has the most advanced transfer machines which are mostly unique in its kind.
Using these machines allows to perform mechanical processing of pieces with highest possible accuracy and speed.

Assembly Workshop

After carefully examining the products in the QC section and confirming them, the products will enter the assembly workshop. In this workshop, the assembly works in both automatic and manual manner. In automatic machines, each of the different parts of a product is assembled independently from each other, and new parts are added to the main body at different stations. In the manual assembly, this process is done with the help of human resources.  The assembly of BTS designed collectors and plumbing collectors are also carried out at this workshop and tested after assembly. Finally, the product is ready for packaging.

Multi-layer pipe manufacturing workshop

Pipe manufacturing workshop is among the newest sectors of BTS. Pipe manufacturing is highly monitored in this workshop. Every step of production including selection of high-quality raw materials, device settings and accurate production line monitoring is done with high sensitivity. This accurate manufacturing process along with strict quality control over each produced pipe loop have made BTS pipe as one of the available pipes with the highest quality in the market.