Research & Development


Research and Development (R&D)
Research and development sector is one of the most important pillars of "BTS". All stages namely creation and development of new ideas, product design, engineering and experimental calculations, and simulation of production process of new product or improvement of an existing product takes place in this sector.
Experts with different expertise work in R&D sector of "BST" and they are responsible for design and optimization of products, numerical analysis and simulation of part manufacturing processes. Product designing process is based on requirements of national and international standards in industry of brass valves and fittings of multi-layer pipes as well as their application along with specialized software and engineering design.
In addition to product design, this sector is responsible for manufacturing based on technical and engineering capabilities of plant, determining technical specifications for each part, and determining their acceptance criteria. On the other hand, experts of this section are aware of market needs, and changes and advances in this industry by utilizing the existing relationship with market R&D and sales sector, and thus they innovate and develop new products by up-to-date and consumer-demand-based information.