Behtarashan Sepahan (BTS)


Behtarashan Sepahan Company
Behtarashan Sepahan Company works as one of the largest manufacturers of valves, five-layer pipe fittings and brass parts in "BTS" Industrial Group in Iran and the Middle East.
Products of Behtarashan Sepahan Company fulfill a wide range of user needs in construction and installation industry. These products are as follows:
- A variety of manifolds
- Press fittings of multilayer pipes
- Screw fittings of multilayer pipes
- Fittings and valves for radiators
- Fittings for under floor heating piping
- Fittings for drinking water distribution
- Special brass fittings and valves
- Various types of five-layer pipes and related accessories

Technical knowledge of Behtarashan Sepahan Company (BTS) experts along with extensive hardware facilities such as transfer of manufacturing machines of company, a variety of forging presses, trimming presses, assembly lines, automatic plating system enable us to produce higher-quality parts in the shortest time.
Behtarashan Sepahan Company (BTS) always tests and evaluates its products in specialized laboratories to ensure the full consistency of products with national and international standards.
This company is proud to be the first recipient of Iranian national standard for five-layer pipe fittings.
All of these features and technologies have been utilized to achieve the slogan of "million quality" and assure consumers of "million quality" in "BTS" products.