International Partners

The building installations industry comprises a variety of systems and products, each of which plays an important role in the optimal and long-term performance of a building. In order to complete its products range and provide a complete package to the needs of its customers, BTS Industries Group has been working with foreign companies to supply high-quality products, these partners are:

REMS is one of the leading and reputable companies in the field of designing and manufacturing the tools needed for the plumbing, water supply and sanitation systems. These tools include a variety of hand tools and power tools. Established in 1909, the company has more than a century of experience. A comprehensive catalog of the company can be found at the link below.

BTS Industries Group supplies its customers with electric and charging pressing machines and other products of REMS company to make implementation of systems compatible with its multi-layer joints and pipes.

Magnaplast was founded as a part of a German holding in Poland in 1989, specializing in the production of sewage pipes.
This company has been able to offer its customers high quality products due to the use of high quality raw materials as well as the highly qualified technical and expert team, as a leading company in the field of pipe and sewage production.
The range of products manufactured by Magnaplast is vast and includes the following products
HTplus: Polypropylene domestic push-fit wastewater treatment system
Ultra dB: Modern, silent push-fit systems, for indoor and rainwater piping for tall buildings
Skolan dB: Low noise filtration system, especially for indoor sewage piping
KG: PVC External Wastewater Treatment System
SC: Sewer Manhole System
Along with the water supply system, the sewage system of a building is also an important part of the installations. Regarding the supply of high-quality products, BTS Industries group has achieved the exclusive distributorship of the specialized company Magnaplast in Iran for the welfare of its customers in case of adding the sewage system products to its products range.

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