Faraz Gostar Sepahan (FGS)


Faraz Gostar Sepahan Company
"Faraz Gostar Sepahan Company" is among the affiliated companies of BTS Industrial Group and plays role as a specialized and knowledge-based company along with Behtarashan Sepahan Company (BTS). This company designs and produces transfer machines, CNC machines, necessary parts for production line and establishment of plants for mass production of brass and metal parts by a development-based approach and relying on local knowledge. Some products of Faraz Gostar Sepahan Company are as follows:
• Transfer machines with revolving table
• CNC transfer machine
• Single-axis and multi-axis machines with fixed table
• Boring hydraulic units
• Screw cutting hydraulic units
• Hydraulic crank shaper units
• Special tools and forging and trimming molds
• Hydraulic and mechanical index tables
• Clamps of both hydraulic and pneumatic systems
• Hollow forge shoes
• Trimming press machines with revolving and fixed tables