BTS Educational Academy holds various educational courses given the great diversity of provided products and service in BTS industries group in order to enhance audiences knowledge. These courses provide better identification of products and their technical characteristics, and knowledge about their proper application in installation design process, and ensure implementation of installation systems in accordance with BTS products, etc.
BTS educational program covers a wide range of audiences such as sales staff, sales agents, plumbing executors, plumbing engineers, project employers and general audiences. Provided educations in BTS, includes distance education (virtual), attendance education, and practical education in accordance with educational pilots designed by BTS. Education of some plumbing software is also added to the agenda of BTS Academy. Educational content of courses covers diverse content about water supply systems, heating and cooling systems, sewage systems and relevant plumbing standards.
For further information on content of courses and their schedules, contact us via email or follow communicational channels of BTS.

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